Moonphase: The Full Moon
Title: Vitra
Term meaning: Life

Without a doubt, the prime specimen of a warrior werewolf. Vitra are aggressive, hot headed and temperamental… at least as an average whole.

Vitra are the most in touch with their feral side, often strongly following their lupine instincts and the inherent rules of werewolf society. Some have noticed that those associated with the full moon seem to be the most alive, full of vigor and energy. They tend to be very straight-forward individuals, truthful and perhaps even a bit unthinking about the recompense of their actions. The New Moon is for strategy, the Full Moon is for action.

There is no try, there is only do. Vitra are stubborn but resilient and put the most heart in to anything and everything they do. That's why they can easily be offended. Of all the Phases, the Vitra have the hardest time controlling their shift out of rage.


Roles: Warriors, Leaders, Generals, Strategists, Guardians, Tacticians

Primary Attributes: Physical strength, Dominance, Leadership, Battlesense, Traditional, Detection of weaknesses

Gifts: Demolition, Destruction/Healing, Immunity(?), Modification, Scouting, Venom

Special Phase Gift: Regeneration

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