The Gift of Venom is restricted to Vitra and Umbra werewolves, and is one of the few Gifts that physically changes a user's body. It is also one of two Gifts that take effect without and are not controlled by conscious thought of the user. Venom is the only Gift that specifically only takes effect while in Fireblooded or beast form. Venomous weres in human form cannot use their gift.

Venomous werewolves develop small glands, located at the base of each claw on their hands and in their gums, that contain a powerful combination of chemicals to produce a very potent venom. The venom of a werewolf is much closer in delivery mechanism to that of a duck-billed platypus than that of most other venomous animals, such as snakes and spiders. However, different werewolves develop different venoms. Any venom found naturally in the animal world could be reproduced by a werewolf. Each Venomous were only produces one type of venom, however.

A common and rather debilitating type of venom is similar to the makeup of a platypus.

The different chemicals in the venom have a range of effects from lowering blood pressure to causing pain and increasing blood flow around the wound. Swelling rapidly develops around the entry wound and gradually spreads outwards. The most prevalent and common effect is growing pain, which is usually intense enough to incapacitate the victim. The effects are not lethal, usually, when the venom is applied to humans or other werewolves or similarly sized animals. The pain can develop into hyperalgesia, that is, an increased sensitivity to pain, which can last days or weeks.

As stated, any type of venom naturally found, however, can be found in the werewolf world. Some venoms are paralytic, some are necrotic, some cause extreme pain, some can cause extremely low blood pressure and hemorrhaging.

Werewolves possessing Venom develop small grooves in their canine teeth. These grooves connect to the venom glands in their upper gums. As other canines (and most predatory mammals), a werewolf's claws are hollow, with a flesh-filled interior called the "quick". Venomous werewolves have a tiny vein-like channel that runs from the base of each claw, up to the sharp tip. Both sets of glands release venom when pressure is applied, meaning when the werewolf bites or claws a victim.

A Venomous werewolf is immune to their own venom, but not that of others. Many learn to be exceedingly careful when dealing with packmates, so as not to harm their friends.

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