Torindra Chelfor

Roleplayer: Sunreon

Date of Birth: 1973
Phase: Credas Waning
Gift: Empathy
Calling: Infection's Calling
Pack: Kahlite Pack
Rank: Kappa

Torindra Chelfor, known as Tori (born 1973) is a werewolf and a Kappa of the Kahlite Pack. She is known to suffer from schizophrenic paranoid delusions, and had been working as an accountant for the University of BC for a number of years before Pandora's Plague and before she was Turned. She is now the bookkeeper for the Kahlites and keeps track of their supplies.

Physical Appearance

Quite tall for a woman, six feet. Has a very drawn-thin frame, with gangly arms and legs and oversized hands and feet. Her features are sharp, almost pinched, and her clear eyes are a very bright emerald green and sharp. Tori's hair is a natural shade of extremely pale blonde, almost white, but she dyes it occasionally anywhere from golden blonde to a deep coppery red. Pale, smooth, almost papery skin. Has the tiniest of freckles that fan across her body in Blaschko's lines. Choppy straight hair that falls down to her chin. Dressing is an odd mix, as she likes to wear slightly oversized and exaggeratedly tailored suits, with ties. Shoes vary, anywhere from sneakers to men's dress shoes to heels and large pumps. Since the war, obviously, sneakers and men's dress shoes are more practical.


Small, frail, richly coloured with bright yellow eyes, and alternating chocolate and cream markings.


She has never gone Fireblood, so information about that form is not known.


  • likes; Cigarettes, ipates, dreamless sleep, clubs, suits, confusing people, swearing
  • dislikes; Dresses, dark alleys, tight clothes, slow people, being sober, being startled, being in quiet places, loud noises
  • strengths; Calculating, quick-thinker, inordinately good with numbers
  • weaknesses; Has paranoid delusions, grumpy personality, doesn't get along well with others, chainsmokes, takes drugs (what she can find) to keep delusions away, doesn't like fighting (even though she'll threaten someone if she's on withdrawals) and is physically weak.
  • personality; Tori is rather good with numbers, and analytical, when she's completely sober. However, given that almost never happens, she will either be high/drunk and snarkily amused or passed out, or she will be a grumpy bitch who's sucking on her cigarettes for dear life.

Apart from her Gift, Tori also suffers from a complete lack of empathy. Even with her Gift, she does not understand or care about the emotions that are coming from others, except in how they relate to her. She has no self-preservation instincts or feelings, yet is a complete coward. In any combat situation she would be completely worthless, because she would let herself be killed.


Torindra was working on the college staff in the accountant department before the war, and had done very well at keeping her disability and habits a secret from the other staff. As far as they knew, she was just a very grumpy chain-smoker who was an absolute genius with books of numbers. Canada was good to her, the softer restrictions on drugs helped. Although she had found that marijuana and shrooms, the extremely popular generic "recreational drugs" only made her delusions worse.

When the war broke out, and then the plague after that, it got much, much harder to get the fix and the peace that she needed. That is how she found herself wandering the campus forests one night, suffering extreme hallucinations. Her sire, a wolf of no particular importance, could not resist his Calling at the sight of this helpless prey stumbling through the woods. He dragged her back to the medical building of the college after she'd been maimed, and let them care for her.

Two weeks later she was out in the woods again, unable to resist the moon's call. She posed no threat to the pack upon transformation, a small, timid wolf who could hardly distinguish the wolves in front of her. At first, she thought they were hallucinations.

Very quickly, her bookkeeping abilities were learned, and she was put in charge of supplies. Feeling that it was safe to trust the Alpha, due to her new instincts and her undiscovered gift, Torindra was all too happy to fall in with the pack and follow the alpha.

Ari Seaver found her a few days after his addition to the pack, suffering one of her spells, and for whatever reason, he and his father were assigned to her.. "Keep Tori out of trouble for a week. And sober." Sadly, it was a fairly often assigned task. Whether she was going to stumble out off the pack grounds in hallucination or try and force her way into the medical department to steal some tranqs, Tori always needed looking after. Most were too impatient with her to do it.

But they managed, somehow, and Ari was truly concerned about her well-being, not used to dealing with crazies. The genuine emotion touched her, so she latched onto the boy, and his father, as lifelines.

When Serove and Callisto left the Kahlites to form their own pack, Ari went with them, and Torindra stayed behind. She was afraid of Callisto, who would have never accepted her. Torindra would not have survived easily outside of Point Grey anyway.

Without her emotional lifeline, she became even more depressed, and strove to drown herself with alcohol. The pack change of hierarchy did not really affect her, as without Serove and Ari there was really nobody to notice or care that much about her well-being. So nobody noticed when she hid during the Raid and went into empathic overload.

Joseph Wells and Fergus Redding found her afterward when she came out of her hiding place, and took her to be taken care of and detox. She is finally sober, but suffering from her paranoid delusions, depression, and her Calling.



As an Empath, Tori is mildly able to sense basic emotions broadcasted from others. She has subconsciously put up mental shields to dull this ability, but it does appear to be stronger than she knows. When she gets extremely drunk, the shields start to slip and she tends to learn more. She has no idea how to control this Gift.

During the Raid, Tori's shields were overpowered by the intense waves of emotions that crashed down on her, and she went into Empathic overload. She is currently stuck with a high level of sensitivity, and it is affecting her negatively.


Suffers from schizophrenic paranoid delusions, was secretly using opiates (including heroin) before the war and the plague to keep the delusions away. After the Outbreak, she became an alcoholic, as the drug trade has all but dried up. Does not touch marijuana, which has managed to survive the war due to its ease of growth and popularity with the general populace, as compared to other harder drugs. Shrooms are absolutely out of the question, all that's left are tranquilizers from the med staff, and alcohol. Also a heavy user to drown out her Calling, as she is extremely pacifistic and is terrified of attacking anyone, even humans. Because of the Raid, she went into alcoholic withdrawl, and has been sobered up by the pack.

Relied on Serove and his son to tell her what's real and what's not. Did extra bookwork for Serove's mechanics to make up for him taking care of her. Usually slept wherever Serove or Ari were spending the night. Now lives by herself in Ari's old room, when somebody isn't babysitting her.

Despite having been with the pack for a couple years, Torindra is still only a Kappa. While she is outspokenly insolent, she is a submissive wolf, and has no urge, in fact is even afraid of challenging another wolf or exerting dominance over another. She is more of a liability than an asset, and as such has never been promoted to have any real responsibilities.

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