The Gift belonging to the Pariox. Shaping grants the user telekinetic ability over one class or type of material. Shapers, as they are called, must control a tactile material. That is to say, they cannot control gases, or processes. You would not see a Fire Shaper, or an oxygen shaper. But they can control fluids, and water is not an uncommon Shaping element.

Shapers are restricted in that they cannot create or destroy any of their element, they can only manipulate what already exists. Most Shapers will learn to easily manipulate an amount of their element that can be held in one hand, causing it to move as their mind commands. With time, many learn to refine this telekinetic ability, being able to retrieve objects at a distance or use mentally-propelled weaponry.

More advanced Shapers of solids can begin to change the shape of their material on the molecular level, granting them the ability to control the form of the element. Others, such as those that control water, will find this ability necessary from the start, and over time will be able to change the state of their material. Water becomes ice, and they are able to control the form of the ice. However, a water Shaper turns their water into steam, they lose control over it. The harder the element that the Shaper controls, the more difficult changing the shape becomes.

It is more difficult for solid Shapers to change the temperature of their element than a liquid Shaper, and is often done in small sections at first. Shapers of metals find that it is often easiest to work with small sections of soft metals first, such as wiring used in electronics. Metal Shapers specializing in electronics are not uncommon, for this reason.

Truly gifted and trained Shapers can detect and identify their materials, even sorting them out from a mix. Glass Shapers, who are a form of crystal Shaping, can control even the colours that swirl about their pieces. Metal Shapers may be able to separate the impurities from a nugget of precious gold or silver, or pull apart some of the alloys or the plating on a mixed piece.

A list of potential Shaping elements:

  • metals
  • crystal
  • glass (sand, a form of crystal)
  • rock
  • water
  • oils
  • plasma (a difficult element to have, because plasma is hard to find)
  • cellulose (granting control over plant fibers, or woods, or occasionally living plants — the plants themselves cannot be made to grow, but can be gently changed to grow in certain ways. Like bonsai training.)
  • clay

Shapers usually take a profession or study that allows them to work with their associated material. Metal Shapers may become smiths or electricians or sculptors, while cellulose Shapers may become fiber artists, or carpenters, or work with trained plants in a garden. Glass Shapers may become skilled glass blowers and sculptors, or may focus their abilities on a smaller level, learning to repair broken windows. Crystal Shapers, along with metal Shapers that focus on precious metals, can become some of richest individuals of all if they choose to work with jewelry.

The more a Shaper knows about and practices with their element, the more control (and power) they will gain. Because many Shapers choose to enter professions that are associated with their element, one will find that older Shapers are often some of the most talented with their Gift of all werewolves. The abilities of a Shaper are limited only by what their mind can come up with and practice.

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