Greetings and Salutations! Welcome to Rise Above!

We are a friendly and open community, welcoming all sorts of players. Though we do ask you to read a few minor rules we'd like you to abide by.


You may register with either what your character wishes to be called or by their first and last name as long as it is in proper capitalization.

IE: You have a character named Merry Pippin. She wants to be known as Pippin. You may register with the name 'Pippin', or you could register with her full name 'Merry Pippin'.

If you happen to make a mistake, let an administrator know so we can fix this for you. We're friendly people, and happy to help.


We realize that life can sometimes get in the way of a hobby. We would really like it if everyone could put in at least one post a week and if you are incapable of posting for longer than that to let us know. Also, if you plan on leaving us, it would be nice to get a heads up too. No hard feelings!


While we understand that there will be characters who are more powerful than some, we all wish to respect other people's characters. Please don't just assume your character can do something drastic to another without the player's permission first.

Also note that in-character actions have in-character consequences, and the consequences of out-of-character actions should remain OOC as well. Combat and relationship difficulties and power struggles and whatever else you can think of which affect characters should all be decided primarily for IC reasons (which means that no character will be given in-character power simply because their player has influence OOC, etc.). If an IC action has an IC consequence that you don't like, just talk to whoever else is involved and for heaven's sake, don't take it personally.


This is our largest rule. Respect other players as people. We've all put work in to this world and in to our characters and we all have a right to have our ideas heard. Just because you disagree with something doesn't mean you need to be rude about it. talk it out. Even if you aren't an mature adult, you are expected to behave like one on this site, as a player.

In the case of a conflict, if you need something, ask. If you need mediation for a dispute, ask. If you need time and space alone, ask. If you need a solution to an IC problem, ask. If you need something to change in the community to suit you, ask. (We can't promise that the community as a whole will always be able to accommodate you, but we will try very hard within reason.) If you don't ask, we won't know, and we can't help you.

The flip side of this is that you shouldn't ask for things you don't want, or state needs which you don't have. If you ask for something, expect that your request will be taken seriously and in good faith, so make sure you do want what you're requesting before we set ourselves to meeting your needs (which sounds basic and obvious, but comes up more than you'd think).

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