The Gift of the Vitra Phase, Regeneration grants the user supernatural healing rates. It is one of the Gifts that is not consciously controllable.

The Regeneration abilities of each were, often called a "Regen", vary. These abilities often evolve due to their lifestyles.

Most Regens are able to have wounds scab over in seconds, and all but the most intense bruises fade in a minute or less, if they even formed at all. Many need to have clean broken bones set quickly, or else they will heal wrong.

Some Regens are able to deal with deep tissue damage, such as extremely deep muscle wounds or gunshot wounds and trauma (a punch to the kidneys) easily, but often give up their ability to heal surface wounds in doing so.

Other beneficial effects can include the ability to quickly process and flush toxins, and heal the damage from them. These werewolves find no ill effect from drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes, and some may even have an increased resistance to poisons and toxins because of it. Some may find it difficult to achieve inebriation, sometimes seen as a downside.

One thing this Gift cannot do is truly regenerate completely lost sections of the body. If a limb or appendage is removed, or an organ completely destroyed — such as an eyeball — then these individuals heal the wound site quickly, but cannot ever regain their lost body part.

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