The Gift that is special to the Crescent Moon, the Credas, often leads its possessors to be known as Seers. Seers can know information about events of the past, things that nobody could have told them. They cannot see the future, but the past is a book to them, waiting for the right page to be turned.

Unlike Mindcrawling, Postcognition deals with events, and is not necessarily tied to specific individuals. Mindcrawlers are restricted by the memories of the person, and memories are tainted by emotions. A Seer watches the event as it happened, without the clouded lens of emotions and thoughts.

Some are capable of entering a trance to seek specific events, which they may be able to connect to with an anchor point. That may be a person or an object that was there. Physical contact is a very common trigger for the postcognitive trance.

Others may be triggered by the telling of an event, or by reading about it.

It can be difficult for a Seer to control when they enter a trance, and many have been plagued with being unable to stop themselves from Seeing that which they do not wish to.

Seers are often troubled individuals, because the history of Earth is a troubled thing. Many of the strongest and most historically important events, or ones that are the most important to an issue, are painful ones. It is hard enough living through such events, but Seers may have to seek knowledge of these events, or find it unexpectedly thrust upon them.

Seers seek solace in meditation and self-protection, as their Gift affects them instead of anybody else. Those who are triggered by contact often learn to avoid touching others or important items, or limit skin contact as much as possible. Others practice controlling their visions by seeking positive events, and some are known to carry a "touchstone" object with them, something that lets them seek a pleasant time.

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