Point Grey UBC Campus

An aerial view of UBC.

The campus itself is quite big, and here's a virtual map of the campus for anyone who wants to know where the various landmarks at Rift are located. A good PDF map is located at pdfmapAfter the war most people live in the Northern half due to a combination of safety in numbers, and most of the other residences being either too isolated or too risky.


  • Gage Gage is the residence building and tower where the Kahlites have made their den. The werewolves who live here claim their own room, but there is also a common area where most of the pack sleeps in wolf form. Fondly referred to as just 'The Bed,' this common room has been covered with mattresses, a few blankets and pillows. This place brings new meaning to the word 'dog pile.' Only one of the Gage Towers is still standing, but this is where the Lab pack now live. The common room on the first floor has been converted into a large kitchen/dining space, presided over by Jasmine Lin. The Kahlite Infirmary is on one of the upper floors in two larger rooms. It was previously run by Dicen Elkyone, but now the majority of the medical attention on campus happens at the Hospital or the new Infirmary in Brock Hall.

The view from Gage Tower in winter.

  • Green College Green College used to be a residence-complex for graduate students, as well as a conference center. Now, it is where some of the mated werewolves have converted apartments in houses if they do not wish to live in Gage anymore.
  • Place Vanier Place Vanier used to be a residence-complex for students living on campus. Now it is a little sanctuary for the humans still living in Point Grey. It's a little run down, but for many it's still home. There are scattered vegetable-and-herb gardens, and talk of painting the walls. This is also where Carmel Pindar keeps her sewing/tailor's rooms.

On Campus

  • Brock Hall Brock Hall hosted many student services, as well as classroom facilities and program departments. It's been converted into a social arena for the lonely souls living on campus to come together. Once a month, everyone pitches in and brings food for a giant potluck feast. Most of the classrooms have been converted into food storage. Bi-monthly, teams of people go out to fill cars and trucks with supplies to bring back - previously, this had been food, but now is more likely to be clothes, batteries and other things. Brock also houses Swirl's Bakeshop, home to the famous (or infamous, depending upon your arteries' perspectives) cinnamon bun, Swirls Bakeshop is one of the few places on campus that's still running. The owners, Laura and Luke, refuse to quit, and continue to create delectable treats on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Most people frequent this place once a week, especially since now it's free.

The large campus kitchen is located here, and has a dedicated team who rotate shifts to provide food during the major meals for most of the Point Grey survivors.
The new Infirmary has been set up in one of the large classrooms on the ground floor, providing minor medical attention for those who need it.

  • Main Library: The Main Library, a huge building located in the center of campus, was often a refuge for many survivors. It was set on fire during the Vanguard raid, most of the main library was destroyed. Certain extension wings survived, and the vaults for valuable texts and historical artifacts were protected from the fire, but the majority of the main building is now a hollowed-out shell.
  • UBC Hospital: The campus has its own hospital, both for med students and for the sick. Once abandoned, it has been taken over again and the first two floors have been arranged to be used for anyone who needs severe medical attention. The upper floors contain many abandoned rooms, and the medical libraries.
  • The Pit: In the Student Union building, there is a campus pub, located in the basement. It is therefor known as… The Pit. It used to offer a lunch menu and alcoholic drinks. People come here to decompress or let loose. It was run by a werewolf named Riley, although right now she is busy helping the rest of the pack, and people come down to help themselves to alcohol.
  • The Farm Most of the area south of West 16th Avenue has been appropriated for the farm. The old Botanical Gardens and nursery has been turned into a greenhouse for seedlings, and more crop land. Trees were cleared and old lots were taken over. The various stadiums on the other side of W 16th were also appropriated, given their lush, groomed surfaces.

The Farm also has a portion allotted to the animals. They raise chickens of which they have one hundred or two, and a few dozen other poultry as well (geese, and ducks). There is a herd of goats that is managed about the campus; they provide dairy and meat as well as weed and underbrush control. The pig farm was created when the Kahlites traded with the Lyceus pack for five pigs: two boars, and three sows. The five pigs all have their own pens, and there are other, larger pens for the litters that are born to the sows each year.
Westbrook Place, once meant to be a new neighborhood, had the construction finished and is now where most of the humans who work on the Farm live. There is always at least one Kahlite member down at the farm, around the clock. They patrol the area and keep it safe from the Infected, as well as un-Infected predatory animals and humans who may try and steal the livestock.

Off Campus

  • Pacific Spirit The national forest that wraps around the whole campus is called the Pacific Spirit. It is a dense, damp evergreen forest typical of the Pacific Northwest, with a thick carpet of rotting needles and lush ferns. Many deer and small animals live here, although most predators have been chased away or killed by the Kahlites. Animals that are likely to carry rabies (and by proxy, the Lyssavirus) are often dispatched by the werewolves on patrol, to prevent the spread of SRLV1 to the campus. Dogs, bears, cougars, foxes, opossums, raccoons, and when they can find them, rats.

The forest is also the meeting grounds for werewolves on their Phases. They gather here to avoid humans and hunt unseen. Humans avoid the thick foliage and damp atmosphere, wary of the howls they hear at night. Even walking down Beach Trail 6, the forest warns that this is dangerous territory. Luz Delgado keeps some of the main roads and trails clear, and spends much of her time patrolling the forest.

  • Wreck Beach: If you take Beach Trail 6 through the woods just behind Place Vanier, you'll find Wreck Beach. This long strip of sand is backed by a spine of craggy forests. It used to be a clothing optional beach where fun performances went on, but now its empty with only the sound of crashing waves to accompany a solemn walk over the sand. If you're lucky, you might see a whale breaching on the water. A large plane crashed on the beach the previous year, and has since been mostly gutted. The bodies of the people on the plane were dragged out and burned, the chairs were removed, and much of the metal has been salvaged for use on the campus.
  • Scott's House: Scott Blehnwar, Kahlite Alpha, has a house located just east of Hampton Place, within the Pacific Spirit itself. He lives closer to the farm than the rest of the pack, but his house is isolated for a reason - he takes in and houses the new werewolves in the pack, those who cannot yet control themselves. The two-story (with a basement) house is surrounded by metal sculptures, including a large iron dragon cutout.
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