Moonphase: The Gibbous Moon
Title: Pariox
Term meaning: Creation

Arguably the most likable of the five phases, the Pariox is creative and personable, exuding a confidence without the intimidation of a Vitra. They are great story tellers and fearless warriors. They are passionate souls and fall in to causes quickly, though they are less distracted than the Umbra. They are often seen as connected to the emotional and spiritual side of their life. Waxing Pariox tend to be the more outgoing of the two, being the 'stronger' and more steady types, prone to being thoughtful supportive members of the community, while the waning moon affects its followers so that they are often seen as the flighty artist type, more sensitive to the world around them. But they can also be quite friendly, in tune with their community in their own way. Pariox have a tendency to be seen as "crazy artists" when they cannot express themselves, with the waning side of the Phase falling prey to this more often than the waxing.

Roles: Jokesters, Storytellers, Wisemen, Craftsmen, Artists, Prophets, Visionaries, Dream-Interpreters

Primary Attributes: Expressive/Inspirational, Creative, Knowledgeable, Keen senses

Gifts: Demolition, Destruction/Healing, Dreamwalking, Empathy, Enhancement, Illusion, Immunity, Modification

Special Phase Gift: Elemental Shaping

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