Pack Hierarchy

Like wild wolf packs, werewolves have a pack hierarchy to help maintain order. Werewolves naturally feel an extreme loyalty to their pack and treat it like family. Unlike wild wolf packs, a werewolf pack is just as equally bound by the human need for social order, and is not usually confined to family units. Werewolf packs tend to be larger, with more shifting and slightly less tension in-between ranks, although it varies based on the pack and the individual. Most werewolf packs do not restrict breeding to the Alpha pair.


Inner council

Most werewolf packs have an 'inner council' of four higher ranks, most of which are limited to one or two members. These ranks may fill different roles depending on the setup and lifestyle of the pack as well as the individuals who have been chosen to fill them, but in general they follow the descriptions below.

Alpha: one or two alphas oversee leadership of the pack as a whole. In a pre-established pack, somebody becomes the new Alpha either when the old one steps down and gives it to them, or they kill the old Alpha. A dominant personality, often bold and confident. Usually must have either the physical ability or the Gift to back up their rank.

Beta: usually one or two, second in command and a part of the inner council. These are the individuals that the Alpha trusts above all others, and will take control if the Alpha is incapacitated or has to leave the territory.

Gamma: usually one or two, third in command and a part of the inner council. These werewolves fill a variety of roles, depending on the individual chosen for them. They may have been chosen because their advice is sought and respected, or because they are capable of helping maintain order within the pack and leading others; a 'military leader' individual oftentimes may end up promoted to Gamma, and be in charge of the Epsilons. Like other members of the council, they should be able to take care of the pack if something happens to the higher ranks.

Delta: usually one or two, fourth in command and a part of the inner council. The Delta is the last rank in the council. They fill whatever necessary roles are left, and like other members of the council, they should be able to take care of the pack if something happens to the higher ranks. The Deltas may end up being the voice of the pack to the council, as they are the closest in rank to the rest of the pack.

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Pack Ranks

These ranks are unrestricted, but often take time and effort to attain. Merely being accepted into the pack is an honor in itself.

Epsilon: These are the warriors of the pack, proven for their strength and skill, there can be several, however this honor is usually only bestowed on those pack members who are older and more experienced. Epsilons are expected to be able to do battle, and kill other werewolves and humans.

Zeta: older members of the pack with a long history of loyalty, these members are trusted elders that either do not consider themselves a warrior or are retired from battle.

Iota: proven and loyal members who had an exceptional history with the pack or who have done something exceptional to cause them to stand out.

Kappa: regular members of the pack, an honor in of itself seeing as how a pack is a family, for an outsider to be accepted is a great honor

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Omega: a position of shame for any pack member, this member or members are socially shunned, though there offense was not large enough to call for banishment or death. This individual must have done something to incur the pack's disdain. They're forced to eat last at meals, and many of the other werewolves will take out their frustrations on the omega.

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