New Moon

Werewolves who experience their first change under a dark night sky are often seen as the troublemakers in werewolf society. New moon werewolves have a notorious lack of respect and cohesion with standard werewolf society rules. They are the forward thinkers, the free spirits, the inquisitive tricksters and the voices of dissent. They may often voice opinions that do not fit well with their other brethren, and are known for their ability to see things in a different light from many of the other Phases.

New moon werewolves are often closer to their human side and human brethren than those who Shift at other times, able to understand and bond with humanity and provide a different perspective from the instinct and rule-bound wolf society. This often may contribute to the traditionally negative stereotype that the other Phases have attached to this group.

But these views can also be very useful, as they are able to provide a different angle for the pack to consider. They are the counterpoint to the full moon, providing a different extreme for the half-moon judges and mediators to consider. Dealing with these views make sure that standards are either upheld (by defending them with reason) or overturned for newer, better rules.

New moon werewolves are generally associated with the quality of cunning, choosing to think more before acting, in contrast to their full moon cousins. While they are no less ferocious, they choose to use strategy as often or more than blind force. A new moon werewolf has different views of the words "coward" and "courage." Why get yourself killed in an all-out forward attack when your chances of success go up exponentially when you turn the situation toward your own advantage? It won't do you or your pack any good if you are dead and the enemy isn't. Gifts associated with the new moon phase often involve some sort of aspect of trickery, deception, or underhanded tactics. It's all just a means to an end. How you get to your goal isn't important, just get there.

These aspects can lead to other werewolves viewing those tied to the dark Phase as the unlikeable phase, the duplicitous, the dishonorable. New moon wolves can be flighty and easy daydreamers, hard to pin down and tie with important responsibilities; others can be downright maliciously mischevious, working only to better themselves. They range in personality from distrustful introverted loners, to charismatic and charming rogues.

But often this Phase is just as loyal to their nature and their pack as the others, strong in their opinions and making up their own mind about things. At the end of the day, a new moon werewolf is neither bad nor good, no more than anyone else.

Gifts Venom, Animal Communion, Illusion, Shadowstepping, Immunity, Mindcrawling, Leeching

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