Moonphase: The Half Moon
Title: Librar
Term meaning: Balance

Half moon werewolves either find an easy balance between their wolf and human sides, or they… don't. At their best, they are frequently able to see both sides of a situation, and make good advisers, negotiators or diplomats. At worst, they are caught between the silvery side of the moon which calls to their wolf nature and the darker side which reflects their humanity, truly belonging to neither.

Waxing Librar tend to be more quick to make decisions than waning Librar, who are typically less aggressive and decisive.

Roles: Diplomats, Ambassadors, Judges, Mediators, Paladins, Debaters, Truth-Seekers, Leaders

Primary Attributes: Balance, Wisdom, Diplomacy, Eloquence, Duplicity, Persuasion

Gifts: Animal Communion, Empathy, Enhancement, Illusion, Immunity, Leeching, Telepathy

Special Phase Gift: Necromancy

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