Jayden O'Connor

Roleplayer: Silvae

Date of Birth: August 31, 1987
Date of Death: 2010

Jayden O'Connor (born August 31, 1987) was a human psychologist best known for utterly shattering Nine's heart after promising to let Nine Change him into a werewolf and become his "bonded" mate and husband. He later shot Dicen Elkyone with silver bullets, attempting to kill him, and was taken prisoner by Nine and held above the gym where he was slowly Turned and then tortured with silver. He was rescued by Scott Blehnwar but died in the Infirmary due to the attack.
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Jayden is a very private person, keeping mostly to himself and dedicating all his time to his work. He's a workaholic by anyone's definition, and he doesn't believe it's unhealthy. He says he likes to keep his mind busy.

Jayden's winning personality traits are only really obvious to his patients. He used to work as an independent Psychiatrist, but turned his attentions instead toward the student population at UBC and became a Student Counselor. He's a very good listener, not only giving his patients the impression that he cares about what they have to say, but that he is really listening instead of just waiting for his turn to talk. He's incredibly good at giving advice; he's straight-forward and doesn't sugarcoat his opinions. He's honest and trustworthy; he'd never reveal his patient's secrets to anyone. On the job he can be a compassionate giver.

Off the job, he seems more than a little unhinged. In school he was always hailed as a genius. But like any good genius, he's been touched by insanity. He graduated high school at the age of 11 years old and had his PhD in clinical psychology by 18. His veterinary degree he obtained during the summers. He never understood why he chose the fields that he did, only that he enjoyed learning.

He has a library which he keeps fastidiously organized alphabetically by author with certain shelves dedicated to certain subjects. He set it up in one of the office buildings after the Plague hit.

Jayden's flaws are many. Though his patients would have hailed him as a hero, in fact, he's an emotional coward. His relationships all ended badly. Jayden sets limits for the people he loves, and if they cross a line then they're cut out of his life like a cancerous cell. He treats his relationships just as clinically as he does his patients, and refuses to acknowledge that they should be treated differently.

He also has the nasty habit of criticizing his friends, family and loved ones for all their little flaws. He rarely realizes that he's doing it, and if someone were to point it out he'd argue that he's only trying to help them. He doesn't realize how harsh or cruel his words can come across.

While he diagnoses the mental illnesses of people during the day, at night he makes a pointed effort to ignore his own neuroses. The difference between mildly crazy and true insanity is that the truly insane don't recognize that they're mad.


  • Birthplace: Vancouver, B.C.
  • Education:
    • Veterinary Medicine
    • Psychology
  • Occupation: student counselor, psychologist and veterinarian
  • Sexuality: bisexual


Nikola and Luca grew distant after Luca became infatuated with a young Psychology student named Jayden. Nikola found Jayden creepy and resented him for the rift that began to grow between his brother and himself. His concern only became more adamant when Luca started talking about living with Jayden. Nik's insistence that it was a bad idea, especially since Luca wanted to let Jayden in on the secret. It was possibly this disagreement which led to the months where the brothers went without speaking to each other.

Jayden, after learning about werewolves and agreeing to Change and move in with Luca, abruptly severed their relationship all together. Luca was distraught beyond words. He was a romantic, and despite the fact they hadn't been officially bound yet, he considered Jayden his mate. He was inconsolable; nothing Nikola tried helped. Nik's Calling had him bent over a sink on a daily basis. The worst of it came when Nikola returned to their dorm to find Luca with a gun in his mouth.

Nikola saved his brother from suicide on three separate occasions, but he sometimes questioned his motives, wondering if it was selfish to keep Luca alive. He couldn't understand; his wolf had never really been in love.

Jayden had realized Luca's over-infatuation, and claimed to cut off the relationship in order to help him.

Later, he had disagreements with Dice, and eventually was angry and resentful of the other one who had picked up Luca's heart. He shot Dice with two silver bullets, but Dice's medical knowledge as well as the flip-coin duality of Destruction and Healing allowed Luca to help Dice heal himself.

Luca fell into a cold, vengeful rage, being taken over by his Calling, and Jayden was kidnapped and locked up in the weight room above the gym. There Luca Turned him, in as painful a mauling as he could manage, and locked him up with silver chains so that Jayden would be tortured by it as he changed.

Scott found them, rescued Jayden, and took them to Nikola. He ended up challenging Nikola, who would not punish his brother, and Jayden was taken to the Infirmary. He died less than two days later.

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