• Pack established in 1965 by Connor Brighton and his son Gibson
  • Gained followers from the surrounding area as well as students who attended the University of British Columbia where he taught.
  • In 1968 Gibson began coming and going with Wanderlust and relinquished his position as co-alpha of the Kahlites.
  • In 1974 a dispute between another pack rivaling for territory resulted in Connor's death, power was distributed to his Beta, Elizabeth Beck
  • For the next 24 years, Elizabeth reigned as alpha in relative peace, but bouts of paranoia eventually caused some members of the pack to become distrustful of her nature.
  • In 1995 Elizabeth was challenged for leadership by Ian Rochester and lost.
  • Ian Rochester became Alpha and demoted Elizabeth to Omega, where she remained till she died in 2001.
  • Ian's reign as Alpha was a noted dark mark on the pack's history bringing harsh rules and sexism into a world that had been mostly even paced. For the first time in the pack's history the inner council was entirely male and no female was promoted above the rank of Iota.
  • In 1997 Ian was killed in an a attack made by Nikola Thornehart in an effort to protect his brother, Luca.
  • Due to pack law, Nikola became the youngest Alpha at the age of fifteen.
  • In 2006 a widespread plague bloomed across the world bringing on massive amounts of death and destruction.
  • Werewolves seemed to be immune to the disease. Once the pack realized this, they pulled back to Point Grey and the University of British Columbia where they defended the small community from rogue disease carriers, creating a wall between them and the outside world.
  • Soon after the plague hit, a government dwindling in power aligned with a private lab to work on a cure. This lab also noticed that some members of the population were immune to the disease and thusly proved the existence of werewolves, though that knowledge was kept to a top secret level.
  • The lab began capturing and experimenting on werewolves.
  • 2009 a group of lab werewolves escaped, returning to Point Grey, revealing the true horrors of what was happening.
  • A government agent, Paul Glass, followed the lab group's tracks and discovered the large population of werewolves in Point Grey.
  • Glass was captured and later killed before he was able to report back for a second time.
  • In early 2010, conflict arose in the pack again, forcing one of the pack members to challenge Nikola for leadership.
  • Nikola lost to Scott Blehnwar and was banished from the pack territory along with his brother.
  • The pack split loyalties and some members left with Nikola.
  • Approximately sixty hours after Scott's ascension to Alpha, the military agency known as the Vanguard swarmed Point Grey on a raid for new lab subjects leaving Point Grey in shambles and the already divided pack less in numbers.
  • Currently they are trying to rebuild.
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