Getting Started

So, you read the front page, and you think this might be a cool place to hang out! Awesome! We're so glad to have you.

First, you'll want to read the Rules.

Second, you'd need to decide what species you want your character to be. For now, the decision is between human, and werewolf. You will want to register an account in the name of that character. It can be their full name, or the nickname they go by, whatever you wish.

If you're looking to make a human, then all you need to do is post up their character profile, talk with some other folks, and figure out where to put them! There are many places for human characters, and plenty for them to do!

Werewolves will need to browse the library and read up on the species information. You will need to pick a Phase, a Gift, and a Calling for your werewolf, as well as picking if they were born a werewolf, or made one. After that, as you figure out where to put them, you will need to decide upon their history in the world. What pack do they want to associate with? Did they have one before? What happened to them when SRLV1 spread?

Really, one need only start with the very basics. Phase, Gift, Calling, and an idea of their personality and their basic history. Then you can post the profile, and talk with the other players to figure out where you can go!

We do invite you to post on the OOC forum, to let us know that you are around! We are always willing to help out with trying to put together characters and offer ideas for where they can fit.

And if you have ideas for places to go outside of Vancouver, that is wonderful and we will give you a million virtual chocolates. :D

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