Fynn Callaghan

Roleplayer: Sunreon

Date of Birth: October 10, 1928
Season: Autumn
Clan: None

Fynn Callaghan, D.Litt. (born October 10th, 1928) is a famous historian/author from his home country of Ireland. His work primarily focused on the Gaelic druidic culture, and how their interaction with the Norse affected their lives and practices. He is also famous for tracing several important family lines of certain druidic leaders in Great Britain's history. He also happens to be a Bjorn.

Physical Appearance

Height: 6'6"
Eyes: A deep, rich brown that lights up with rings of amber when the light hits it at an angle
Hair: keeps his hair of a semi-medium length, long enough that it would be shaggy if not groomed properly. Parted to one side. It is also a rich dark brown.
Has moderately reddish-brown body hair, and wears his facial hair in well-groomed lamb chops, without a mustache
Scars, markings, unusual characteristics: Wears glasses because he is very near-sighted.
Clothing: Dresses well. Even in his most casual jeans and a men's blouse, the clothes are high quality.
General description:


Fynn is a coastal bear, with a great degree of wealth to provide for his territory, and as such is a large specimen. However, he is of average size for a coastal male. In bear form, he stands at 9' on his hind legs, and weighs about 1200lbs. He tries to keep his weight consistent, because the fluctuations can apply to his human form and he tries to keep fit as a human.

His fur is a very saturated reddish-brown, with lighter markings on his face, ears, and hind legs; a darker brown makes sleeves and socks on his legs, and comes down from his shoulder hump to cap over his face and down the sides of his cheeks. It also makes pools around his eyes, accenting them against the lighter facial mask.

In berserkir state Fynn stands at an impressive 13'7", and weighs approximately 1800lbs. His lower body is longer and more developed in this form, allowing him to actually use the hybrid form while standing and battling comfortably.
Note: Fynn very rarely enters berserkir.




Fynn was awarded a Doctor of Letters from xxxxx in 1983

Now Fynn spends most of his time being the rich and famous author-historian that he's become. He travels back and forth across the Atlantic as needed, but spends most of his time in Ireland. He has a small estate in upstate New York, flats in London and Cork, and a large family estate located in County Leitrim of Ireland, in the most densely wooded and lush areas, named Westcarrow. Fynn splits his time in Ireland between the flat in Cork and the home estate, particularly depending on whether or not he wants to spend time in animal form.


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As a Bjorn, Fynn is gifted with extremely powerful regenerative healing abilities, easily matching even the Regeneration Gift of werewolves.

He also has an amazing sense of smell. Even in human form, with his physiology not suited for detecting scent, his nose is about four times as sensitive as an average werewolf's Shifted sense of smell. In form, he is like other bears, which means as a species he has the most sensitive sense of smell on Earth. His sense of smell in Shifted forms is four times as sensitive as it is in human form.

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