A possessor of this Gift, known as an Empath, can detect and feel the emotions of others, whether human or werewolf. Empathy is associated with the Pariox, Librar, and Credas Phases.

Empaths manifest their sensory abilities in different ways and on different levels, with some of them only being able to sense the emotions of others when they are physically touching them, or if they have a relationship with the person. These types of Empaths tend to possess strong abilities, as opposed to others who may have a broad distance-limited range of sensitivity.

Empathy can also have its downfalls, as strength needs to go hand in hand with control. The stronger an Empath, the stronger they will feel the emotions of others, or the greater number of individuals that they can sense. This can lead to them quickly becoming overwhelmed if they have not trained themselves to shield against the onslaught, or focus on specific individuals. Empaths are often the first to go Fireblooded after another member of their pack.

Particularly skilled and trained Empaths may find that they have the ability to project their OWN feelings on others, and this has proven useful as they can coax another werewolf out of their rage.

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