The Gift of Demolition allows the user to create directed sound waves. This is often for the purpose of harm, but can also be used for communication. It is associated with the Vitra and Pariox Phases.

The traditional legend of the bean sidhe, or the Banshee, came from the horrible battle-screams and howls of Demolition werewolves, as well as their mournful cries when a member of one of their clan families was near death. Ironically, even though much of the knowledge of the basis of this legend was lost, most werewolves gifted with Demolition have been given the nickname Banshee due to their vocal abilities.

Lesser-talented Banshees are generally limited to smaller blasts that cause bruises and knock paintings off walls, maybe not one person over. Their howls generally are only capable of creating mild headaches, or warning signals that can travel hundreds of kilometers easily.

Some examples of higher power abilities include sound blasts that tear up the ground, throw another werewolf many feet away like a giant punch or wave, do some severe structural damage to a solid wall or tree. They could concentrate this blast for great severe effect, or they could have a wider effect. Imagine a really really powerful Banshee as mob control, giving a giant bark and knocking over a small crowd of people.

Banshees can also manipulate howls and screams, with a higher power talented Banshee able to create supersonic howls that could damage eardrums, shatter glass, or cause paralyzing migraines. Other abilities involving howls were more fine-tuned; a Banshee could howl in ways that carried over exceptional distances (thousands of kilometers), or they could create a sound in such a way as to cancel out another frequency via wavelength cancellation.

Banshees often take an interest in music and sound design or engineering if they wish to further their knowledge about their Gift.

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