David Blehnwar


Date of Birth:
Phase: Librar
Gift: Enhancement
Calling: Sentinel's Calling
Pack: Algonquin Pack
Rank: Epsilon

David Blehnwar was a werewolf that worked on the Algonquin Provincial Park as a ranger and was a member of Epsilon rank in the Algonquin Pack. He was born in Newfoundland and emigrated to Canada later in life. He was the lead singer of a small folk band that was popular in St. Johns but never really reached success. He is an easy-going guy with a quick smile who always seems to know how to get everyone to like him and how to break up situations.


  • Family:
    • Mollisendra Gervais Blehnwar - human mate
    • Scott Blehnwar - werewolf son
    • Sandra Blehnwar - daughter (Lycanthropy status unknown)
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