Moonphase: The Crescent Moon
Title: Credas
Term meaning: Thinker

Intelligent, the thinker, the book worm, all these things tend to describe a Credas. They have keen minds and tend to over analyze. Sometimes such analysis can lead them to making frighteningly correct assumptions on a person's nature.

Waxing crescents are easily charismatic and far more personable, while the waning crescent tends to be more of a loner, immersed in their books and theories. They are closest to their human side, like the Umbra. Unlike the Umbra, however, the Credas wolf's instincts can lend them sharp insight into the tasks and puzzles they choose to chew on.

Roles: Healers, Academics, Scientists, Oracles, Teachers, Lore-Keepers, Mentors

Primary Attributes: Charisma, Optimism, Patience, Determination, Intelligence

Gifts: Destruction/Healing, Dreamwalking, Empathy, Immunity(?), Mindcrawling, Projection, Scouting, Telepathy

Special Phase Gift: Postcognition

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