Andrea Thorsen

Roleplayer: Sunreon

Date of Birth: 1977
Phase: Vitra
Gift: Modification
Calling: Progenitor's Calling
Pack: rogue

Andrea Thorsen, known as Sybaris (born 1977 in New York) is a rogue werewolf that was an Epsilon of the Kahlite Pack. She came to Point Grey in November of 2006, looking for her cousin, Serove. She was previously an Epsilon of the Dentrax Pack, located in Brooklyn, New York. She has run away from the Kahlites with Damien "Crest" Mani.

Physical Appearance

Andrea could quite conceivably called a golden modern Amazon. Standing at a solid 5'11", she has a fighter's body enhanced with curves passed down through genetics that all the exercise in the world could not remove. Her skin appears to constantly be touched by the sun, giving the appearance of a light, healthy tan, but it's just genetics. Bright blue eyes top classical features and full lips, and a carefully groomed fall of rich blonde waves and curls sit above it all. She has a real tattoo of the moon on the inside of her right ankle, and often keeps it covered with a leather anklet band if she's going about shoeless or in sandals. Has two golden earrings and a white gold ear cuff set with a jade cabochon, they keep when she transforms.


A sleek, moderately sized female were, her form is svelte and smoothly powerful. Andrea is mostly golden-furred, with markings atop her body of dark brown, and a cream underbelly. Her eyes are still blue in this form. She likes to use her gift to have "tattoos" growing from her fur occasionally.



Andrea enjoys life to the fullest, even before she was turned. She inherited a bit of the temper that runs in Serove's blood, and that was what found her a new life as a werewolf in New York City. As a werewolf of the Full Moon, she feels very strongly and passionately about pretty much anything, and she seems to lean more to the "feral" side of being a were. Sybaris is very much an archetypal Vitra female. Strong warrior, strong beliefs, strong opinions, strong temper, and strong in affection.

Wolf instincts guide her, shaping her actions and her feelings about a situation or person. Pack hierarchy is to be respected. It gives meaning, it gives purpose. She will give her life for her chosen Alpha, and not tolerate blatant disrespect from a lower member. After pack comes family, bonds that also mean more than life.

Generally, Sybaris is friendly, welcoming (if perhaps a bit overly-so), and easy to get on her good side. She believes in open honesty, confronting your problems and your feelings instead of squirreling them away. A small upset is pretty easily forgiven once the issue is worked out. As such, she tends to have issues with Umbra.


Born in New York City, swedish father and half-mexican mother (vaguely related to Marcus Seaver), had a temper to begin with. Got in a fight with a werewolf when she was 19, got Turned. Joined the Dentrax of Brooklyn, who had their "den" in Brighton Beach.

Was an Epsilon for the Dentrax, primarily den-watcher. Had a non-committal vague relationship with Leonid Yavlinsky. Only surviving member of the Dentrax after the Winteko wiped out the pack.

Left the city and travelled across the continent toward where she'd last heard that her cousin Marcus was living. Fit well into the Kahlite pack, only having problems with Callisto, until she met Crest. After getting pregnant by him, she was caught sneaking out of pack territory to spend time with him, and was confined to Point Grey.

He snuck onto the campus, and convinced her to leave with him. They stole the remaining supply of TS medication and left the area.




Her Calling drives her subconsciously to seek out couplings, and she may come off as a bit promiscuous. But she will probably bond very strongly if she ever finds a mate, and does very well with children.

So far, she has a strong primal connection with Damien Mani, the father of her unborn child. She is physically attracted to him at a very chemical level, and they seem to get along relatively well.

Her Calling drove her to leave the Kahlites, making her believe that she needed Crest to be able to make it through the pregnancy sane, and making her believe that the Kahlites would never allow that. So she left.

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