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A world where not everyone is human

Rise Above is a post-apocalyptic werewolf (mostly) roleplay that was carried over and recreated from another game called Rift. The game has progressed beyond Rift, which closed, and the world has been continually expanded for the players' use.

In Rise Above, werewolves are not uncommon. They, and other shapeshifters, have lived secret lives since the beginning of time. In 2006, a highly contagious disease called SRLV1 swept the globe, wiping out one-third of humanity's population in the initial spread of the disease. Many shapeshifting species were decimated as well. Werewolves have proven to be immune to the disease. The game, for the most part, takes place in 2010, four years after the outbreak of SRLV1.

For now, it follows the story of a pack of weres that live in Point Grey, British Columbia. The pack is called the Kahlite Pack and they have created a livable sanctuary on the campus of the UBC. No Infected are allowed within the borders of the Pacific Spirit and none of the protected humans venture into the forest towards the city.

RiseWiki can contain absolutely anything related to the world of Rise Above. That includes:

  • in-character events
  • characters and their backgrounds
  • setting/location descriptions
  • post-apocalyptic culture
  • pack dynamics and inter-pack relations
  • details pertaining to Gifts, Callings or Phases
  • human life in Point Grey
  • information about other shapeshifting species

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